A magical weekend…no ears involved!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Not only did I get to attend, but I actually participated by helping to inflate the balloon, chase it to it’s landing spot and then deflate it. After the balloon and basket were taken down, tied up and put away, the pilot treated everyone to a lemonade and champagne toast,  ( a “lemosa” as he called it) to celebrate a successful flight.

I can’t even began to describe the beauty of standing in the middle of a field as these gorgeous, colorful balloons rise up around you.  It is breathtaking to watch as they slowly ascend into the sky, the blue sky as a backdrop to the array of colors.

I have never been to Disney, but to me this was just as magical, and I’ve never been in an airplane, not sure if I would ever want to, but the magic of the balloons really makes me want to take a ride!  Maybe next year…..

A sea of color!


Up, up and away!!!

Happy Face Balloon by HighFive Ballooning, Derry, NH



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