I am a keeper of memories…. photos, ticket stubs, programs, a lock of hair, and maybe even a bottle cap or two!  I am also a collector (insert hoarder 🙂 ) of paper.  Some people may call me a sentimental fool…others might suggest that my collection would make me a pack rat….but whatever you call it my passion is to preserve the special moments of the lives of those that I love. I am a wife to the love of my life, a mom to 8 amazing children and a grandma to 3 adventurous boys and one beautiful princess.
After years of selling my items locally, I began selling on Etsy to pursue my dream of quitting my day job and owning my own business.  My mission is to create personalized one-of-a-kind books, journals, keepsake boxes, wedding and baby items and fill-in-the-blank books that help you  KEEP….(Kapture-Every-Event-Painlessly ©) all the memories of your life!
I create my works of heART♥ in my sunny yellow studio where I am surrounded by racks of amazing paper, rows of ribbons and glass jars filled with beads, buttons and all sorts of trinkets. I have a large table in the middle where the magic of turning paper and chipboard into a beautiful keepsake happens, and pictures of my family grace the walls.  There is even a big, comfy chair where my children and grandchildren can sit and chat while I work.
It takes many hours to create each unique item I make and my hope is that my products help you …keep the memories of your heart © ♥


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