A cure for the summertime blues…

Well…summer is fully underway and the kiddos have been out of school for almost a month now.  They have had their play dates and long awaited hours of swimming in the pool.  They have gone to the beach, the amusement park, the zoo and all the fun places they spent the cold winter months dreaming of….and now comes the “Mom! I’m bored!” blues. The most dreaded phrase, (next to “are we there yet”, and “I don’t know”) that we hear!  Moms, don’t despair, I have the cure!

While I LOVE making my Keepsake boxes, I thought it was time to expand my product line and include something fun for children.  So what makes me an expert on children you might ask? Well having raised eight children of my own and having been crazy enough to homeschool them, I have heard more than my share of the boredom blues.

With a little tweaking the candy bowl filled with slips of things to do that I used with my kids has now become the “I’m Not Bored Anymore!©” jar. Each jar is filled with 30 brightly covered wooden sticks in a kid-friendly plastic jar. The sticks are a fun and easy way to encourage children to engage their imaginations in child led play. Each stick is double-sided to give your child 60 exciting ideas. Reaching in the jar and choosing a stick gives them the element of surprise as well as allowing them to make choices.

Check out my Etsy page and leave a comment below. And Happy Summer!!

The cure for boredom.

The cure for boredom.

bored jar3

“I’m Not Bored Anymore” Jar