The absence of color….


In my hometown there is a white squirrel. I saw it by a park and after many attempts I was finally able to snap a picture of it. This week at a local zoo I saw a white peacock for the first time. With the red, yellow and orange leaves falling from the trees there is so much color all around us, but even in the absence of color there is still so much beauty!



A snowy day….

The first snow of 2015 is falling today and everything is covered in a blanket of glittery white.  The light reflects off of the snowflakes and makes them sparkle and shine.  Tomorrow the sky will will be a beautiful pale blue….the perfect backdrop for a winter bride!


I created this one-of-a-kind wedding vow books and matching keepsake box set to capture that dazzling wintery feel and help you preserve those special words of love forever.